Testing Like You've Never Tested Before (Because You Haven't)


Steve Grunwell
Company: Liquid Web

When: Fri Sep 21 :: 03:00 PM - 03:50 PM
Location: Torrey Pines
Type: regular
Level: mid
Category: testing

Testing software in an automated fashion is one of the best ways to guarantee quality, reduce bugs, and prevent regressions in our code, and is a prerequisite to operating in a Continuous Integration environment. Unfortunately, the most difficult parts of testing come right at the beginning: scaffolding a test suite and writing our very first tests. For those who are new to automated testing, these hurdles can prove overwhelming. This talk covers the fundamentals of testing, in a beginner-friendly way. We'll discuss how testing makes software better, the various levels of the Automation Pyramid, how to scaffold some basic unit and integration tests, and discuss the characteristics of great tests.